Friday, July 17, 2009

07/17 List of Giveaways and We Can Add Yours!

Here is my Friday gift to all of you. It's your one stop shop for giveaways! Here is a list of giveaways and their host sites. Please visit them, sign up and win some prizes! If you have a blog and you're hosting a giveaway, send an email and I will add it to the list. Or if you have one coming up let me know and I can add it to next weeks list which will come out on Friday.

Entry’s will be listed with Site name, prize & end date.

We’re offering FREE space to list your contest or giveaway. To have your contest listed, please e-mail the following information to Please have "Contest Listing" in the subject line.

  • Name of Site Hosting Contest
  • Description of Prize
  • Contest Deadline
  • Direct Link to the Contest

Your contest will be listed within 24 hours of submission.

Want to see more traffic to your contest? You can have your contest listed at the top of our site in a featured contest post until the end of your contest for a flat fee of $5.00 payable via Paypal (at the top of our home page). Thank you!

  1. Big Brother, Little Sister - pair of hairclips, twirly two tone skirt, and coin purse 07/24
  2. A Giveaway Addicted Mom – a tote bag 07/28
  3. Two of a kind, working on a full house – boon bath toys 07/31
  4. Babybix blog –kimochis stuffed toy 07/20
  5. 24/7 moms – Andy Warhol Organizer 07/26
  6. Saving in Akron – Honey Kix Gift Pack 07/27
  7. Mission Mommy – Dora the Explorer Tricycle 08/03
  8. Mom knows it all – Bake me a Wish giveaway 07/21
  9. Flying Giggles & Lollipops – Kazam Bike Giveaway 07/27
  10. Rockin’ Mama- Totally Fruit – 07/28
  11. AutismLearningFelt – MyPC Stage 1 Keyboard 07/25
  12. A Pocket Full of Buttons - snack sacks 07/23
  13. My Four Monkeys - kimochis 07/23
  14. Capital Mom – tulip sun hat 07/28
  15. Jamie’s Precious Peas - Bella Villa Orchard 07/31
  16. Kiddies Corner Deals – Ipod Shuffle 07/25
  17. Guessing All The Way - Dr. Hippo Books 07/26
  18. Guessing All The Way – Puj Go Sling 07/20
  19. Two of a kind, working on a full house - Bubleride Indie Twin Stroller 08/11